How does one Healthcare Professional sell $25-$30,000 worth of ONE supplement year after year?

I have been in the supplement industry for over 15 yrs. I’ve seen many products come and go; I’ve seen many sellers come and go. Here at Nutra Research we have a unique business model where our flagship product is only distributed through licensed healthcare providers (for over 13 yrs.). I’ve often wondered why do some of our distributors sell thousands of $$$ and some just a few?
Well not too long ago I decided to ask one of our more successful Chiropractic Doctors a very simple question: How do you generate $25-$30,000/year selling just our ArthroAid Plus?

I was prepared to hear of some magical marketing skills, or some unique type of advertising, or maybe he was just a highly skilled salesmen…
What came to me was so simple, so methodical, that just about any healthcare provider could implement it. So here is what he said verbatim in his own words (by the way he’s real, and he  said I could share if I wanted too)…

“Our patient’s are introduced to ArthroAid during their report of findings, or second, appointment. When the doctor goes over their exam and x-rays he recommends that they start ArthroAid with their treatment and explains the active ingredients and what they do. When the patient checks out the front desk once again goes over the doctors recommendations and explains the importance of starting ArthroAid as it will support their treatment. If they do not purchase the product we give them a fact sheet regarding the product and follow up with them on subsequent visits.”

Glenn M. Winnestaffer, DC, DIBCN
Progressive Health & Rehab, Ohio

So I was surprised to hear that it sounds like just good old fashion, methodical and organized healthcare advice on a consistent basis(kind of what you’d expect from a healthcare provider) – no gimmicks or heavy selling. I’ve never met Dr. Winnestaffer personally, but I know some of his staff have been there for “ever”, and I’ll bet he has a very “healthy” practice from both a business standpoint and a patient standpoint!

Best In Health! | Jim Chapman | CEO - Founder | Nutra Research Inc.


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