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Navy “Seal Team Six” Warrior – How Chiropractic Saved Him- Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A few weeks ago I reported on how a chiropractor proved the medical community wrong in a book I read titled: Running On Faith, by Jason Lester an ultra-distance runner and 2009 Espy Award Winner For Best Athlete With A Disability (see blog: Ironically the next book I picked up, titled: Seal Team Six: Memoirs Of An Elite Navy Seal Sniper (pub. date 2011), has another incredible Chiropractic connection!

In this book written by Howard E. Wasdin (U.S. Navy Seal Team Six) and Stephen Templin (associate professor at Meio University in Japan, and Seal training mate), Howard describes the difficult upbringing he had, how he became one of the Seal Team Six members and elite sniper, and the battle of Mogadishu (ref: the movie Blackhawk Down) where he fought and was awarded the Silver Star. What may be of more professional interest to you is what he reveals on pages 293-305.    

After leaving Seal Team Six due to medical disabilities suffered from the battle of Mogadishu, Howard Wasdin was reassigned as a security expert protecting diplomats abroad. While providing security to U.S. Ambassador Negroponte (Phillipines 1993-1996) he provides a security “advance” for the Ambassador before his visit to his chiropractor. After the visit, Negroponte tells Wasdin: “I have a shoulder injury from tennis and if she doesn’t realign my spine, I’m in pain”. Well years later after numerous surgeries & rehab with all the best the medical community has to offer (neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and other doctors) Wasdin remembers Negroponte’s comments and is persuaded by a Miami police officer & friend to go try a chiropractor.

The visit changed his life. The chiropractic evaluation: “Compensatory to your gunshot wound, you’ve got an external foot rotation affecting your right hip. From your pelvis it worked its way up to your neck. This is why you aren’t sleeping well and experience constant pain.” Wasdin says: “After three adjustments, I slept all the way through the night for the first time in years, nearly pain free”. He went on to twice a month chiropractic visits, and here’s the kicker…this Navy Seal Team Six member and one of the world’s elite warriors graduated with honors as a doctor of chiropractic on Sept. 24, 2009. He completed building his new clinic, Absolute Precision Chiropractic, April 2010. Another amazing chiropractic story hidden in an inspirational book…

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