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Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Center

For thirty years, Dr. Robert Bartosh has helped his patients eliminate simple to serious medical conditions without the use of drugs or surgery.

The natural approach we take at Pro-Active Wellness and Injury Centre in Danville, IL., is centered around your needs and goals.  We make available the best of pain-free chiropractic care, supervised weight loss, nutrition, and detoxification programs, which are all designed  so you and your loved ones can attain greater health, vitality, and happiness, regardless of age, gender, or condition.

Patients from across the United States and Europe seeking solutions for health issues, pain management, weight loss, neurological and nutritional conditions and many other health challenges too numerous to mention have been helped.  We hope you'll allow us an opportunity to help you too!

Please call: 217 431-2010 or visit our website for more information: