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Valued Partners

Nutra Research sells through health care professionals. We focus on comprehensive, all-natural supplements aiding in joint health and pain reduction. For over a decade, we have been providing products that have patients thanking our health care providers for offering our products. Nutra Research, Inc. is located in California and is a manufacturer/wholesaler of premium joint and bone related nutrients and minerals. We specialize in providing ingredients that have extensive, comprehensive science and research supporting joint health.

Unlike other supplement companies we include positive, unbiased U.S. government-sponsored studies (National Institute of Health – NIH) to our research page to help support the positive benefits Chiropractic Care and Complementary Therapies provide. If you would like to have us add a qualified study link, just let us know. We want to provide the Healthcare Professional, his/her client or patient and Nutra Research as a partnership in education and quality care.

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