For over 20 years our customers have been experiencing the benefits of ArthroAid Plus. Read below to see how lives have been transformed with this all natural product.

PGA golfer avoids knee surgery

I am a PGA golf Professional living in the State of Maryland. I used to play some tournament golf and my knees hurt. During one particular tournament, I was walking off the green and my right knee suddenly wrenched with pain. I immediately made an appointment with one of the best orthopedic surgeons and sports doctors that I could find. After looking at my MRI’s, the Dr. said that I would most likely need surgery but he wanted to try therapy first. He also stated that I should start to take glucosamine. I called my Chiropractic friend, Dr. Bill Erbe, and asked about the glucosamine. He recommended ArthroAid as the very best. (I might point out that Dr. Erbe was the PGA consulting sports doctor at that time.) So I started the therapy and taking the glucosamine daily. I have now taken ArthroAid and ArthroAid Plus for all these years. It took around 90 to 120 days for full recovery but most importantly: NO SURGERY.

— Trent Wright, PGA golfer

108 Patriots Way, Elkton, MD 21921

52-year-old says aching joints “cured.”

I am 52 years old and live in the area of Edmonton, Alberta, where the humidity levels are normally quite dry. In spite of this favorable climate, my joints ached painfully, and limited motion was a prevalent frustration. These limitations affected my quality of life, and having been an active person, my outlook on life was less positive.My father-in-law mentioned he had heard about, and was using, a product that could reduce these same symptoms. After trying his product, I found that it tasted terrible, and required inconvenient mixing into everyday drinks. I decided to conduct my own research. After some Internet browsing I came upon a product called “ArthroAid.” The detailed information provided sense (I only hoped it worked half as good as it sounded), and I ordered it online. Within 10 days of using ArthroAid my pain was greatly reduced. After three weeks the pain was, for all intents and purposes, gone, and I was actually able to lead a normal life. I had found my cure. Yes, I use the word “cure” because for the past 10 years I have led a normal life due to this “ArthroAid” product. (I have experimented by not using it, and in less than 3 days the painful, limiting, unwanted reminders return). I recommend this product to anyone who asks, or mentions they have similar joint pains. My ongoing research – to see if there is a better product out there – has proved unsuccessful. All of the recommended ingredients are present in this product. This product has worked for me. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to live a less debilitating life because of joint pains that come with age. I hope your results are as successful as mine.
— Bob Haley
Stony Plain, Alberta

Fighter pilot discovers back pain relief

Beginning in the late 1980’s, I flew the F-4 Phantom in the US as well as overseas. While I enjoyed the mission and experiences a great deal, the high G environment wasn’t so kind to my body. After three F-4 fighter assignments in a row, the vertebrae in my back became easily misaligned causing the muscles in my mid and upper back to routinely go into spasm. After my “fighter days,” in the course of a normal active life, I began experiencing frequent back misalignments and the painful back muscle spasms that accompanied them. At the slightest provocation, if I twisted wrong, slept in an odd position, stretched too far, etc., my back would misalign and go into spasm. After enduring years of this, my Chiropractor, Dr. Berry, introduced me to ArthroAid Plus. When I first started taking ArthroAid, I wasn’t sure that it was really working. I knew that my back hadn’t been bothering me, but I had gone through “good times” before, only to have the spasms return. I had been taking ArthroAid for about three months when I went on a week-long trip and forgot to bring the ArthroAid. On Tuesday of that week, I thought something didn’t “feel right.” By Wednesday, I knew that my back was “talking to me.” On Thursday, I called Dr. Berry’s office to see if they could FedEx me a bottle for the next morning. Unfortunately, their office wasn’t set up to do that, so I had to suffer until I got home on Saturday. I did learn a big lesson though: I knew that the ArthroAid Plus was definitely working and that I should never leave on a trip without an adequate supply.
— Chip Dorman

Message therapist keeps Rheumatoid Arthritis pain at bay

I want you to know how much I appreciate, as well as need ArthroAid!!! I am diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. As a massage, as well as neuro-muscular therapist, I stand on a tile floor and do a lot of deep tissue work. I am 72-years-old and feel little or no pain!! I have started several folks on ArthroAid and they can’t thank me enough! Keep up the good work and many thanks from all of us who benefit.
— Pat Haviland B.A., LMT, CNMT

Chiropractor helps heal husband “from within.”

In 2006 my husband sustained a mid-diaphyseal fracture of his left femur after falling from a railroad trestle 25 feet down into a ravine. The recovery process was long and arduous requiring three surgeries, one to stabilize the fracture and, two, to remove the hardware at various times as well as rigorous physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture. I started him on the ArthroAid Plus approximately a month after the event. He initially took 6 capsules a day for the first year. As his pain level decreased and mobility returned, we were able to decrease the dosage and he returned to full unrestricted duty 19 months later. At this point, he is taking two to three ArthroAid Plus capsules a day – depending on his activity level. I am writing to tell you that this product has played an important role in my husband’s recovery. Much was being done to assist my husband, but he needed the healing process boosted from within. I had used ArthoAid in my practice and found it to be very effective, and then I retired, my husband was injured, and I spent hours going through all of my office materials which had been in storage looking for the ArthroAid flyer that I had laminated and used for patient education. When I found it, I called the company and was counseled in effective usage and dosage considering the magnitude of the injury. I would strongly recommend your consideration of the product for both personal and clinical use.
— Dr. Frances A. May D.C.(ret), L.Ac. (ret), C.A.C.

102 years old as agile as a 50 year old!

Taking ArthroAid daily has been a part of my mother-in-law’s life for years. She is now 102 years of age and is as agile as a 50-year old. Although her longevity can be attributed to good genes, I’m sure that her taking ArthroAid has much to do with her mobility today. All of her siblings lived to ripe old ages (her oldest sister lived to be 108); however, none of them had the agility that she does. She still takes her multi-times a day walks and can bend from the waist to touch the floor with her palms with little effort. She is a true testament to what movement and ArthroAid can do for you. My husband and I take ArthroAid as well. I can’t imagine what my arthritis would be like without it.
Thank you, Nutra Research!!
Corrie Pisano Saint Augustine, FL